The Owasp Orizon team

So, in the blog section you may wonder that I am the only mind behind the scenes. You can wonder this because, so often I use I as subject, since I was the only one since November 2008.

Starting from then, I used the subject I, making a mistake.
A lot of valuable people are helping me to lead the project. This page is for you, my dear visitor to introduce the Owasp Orizon Team.

This page will be always a working progress page. Content will be dynamic so please join our mailing list to keep in touch with all the gang.

In no particular order (except for ladies that go first):

Nishi Kumar: she gave a lot of feedbacks during the last EU Summit and when the engine will be stable enough, she will help us with their incredible GUI drawing experience for project user interface. Nishi, does it for job so she the best of breed in Owasp community for helping us in giving users something simple to use.

Stephen Craig Evans: Stephen has an incredible background in compiler programming and he is the person who introduced javacc/freecc grammar usage for supporting newer languages. His idea will provide a lot of benefit for the project including the one to have those grammar community driving the per language grammar updates. He also reviewed my english in Owasp Orizon site pages and made regular updates from his research in the mailing list.
His work is at the basis of the Mirage engine.

Jason Li: Jason is an amazing and very skilled person from Owasp gang that drove me the direction to follow in the library consolidation task. I’m working with the suggestion he gave me on consolidating the library.

The latest one are the well respected project leader we are working together with:

Andres Riancho: w3af project leader. He is waiting for Mirage to be completed in order to use Orizon for his amazing tool.

Alessio Marziali: we’re in touch in order to use Orizon as engine for his CodeCrawler tool.

Dinis Cruz: well, Dinis is writing an amazing piece of code: O2. It is waiting for us to give him an open source scanning engine that is able to produce results he can handle with his amazing tool suite.

Well, here we are. Those are just few names that in Orizon orbit. Personally I hope that in the future I will delete this page in order to avoid it becoming too big to mention redirecting to a wall plenty of names. In the meantime… enjoy Orizon!


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