Final deadline

Hi there, yesterday I gave a talk (sorry Italian language only) at Security Summit about the Owasp tools you can use for your application security fight.

When I talked about the tools I wrote for Owasp, I mentioned Owasp Orizon that it’s no longer updated since 7 months that it’s an huge amount of time.
Mainly because of mirage and Owasp ESAPI Ruby, the time I can dedicate to the project is very close to nil.

Before taking the action of declaring the project deceased, I’m calling a final deadline, 31 December 2011 with a very limited goal list.
Owasp Orizon will support only Java programming language and it will review the code for 2 security risks:

  • XSS
  • Injection flaws

No more.
I asked a friend of mine to give an help and it said ‘Ok’…

So, this is the source code repository… fork it… and help us to bring Orizon to be able to review the code for 2 security risks.

I’m Italian and as every latin person on this Earth I’m really passionate about what I love. I don’t want to give up on Owasp Orizon and I prefer to give a limited working tool than asking Owasp to delete the project.
So, please… help us.


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