It’s all about following the white rabbit

I have to admit, I love “The Matrix” movie and I watched it until I was able to reproduce some speeches (in Italian of course).

It’s been a long time since last post and I had no work on Orizon since that.
Mainly because I changed my daytime job and I’m trying to start a freelancing career as software craftsman and appsec specialist.

As promised I actually continued working over project very connected to Owasp Orizon, the mirage engine. The ‘new’ mirage engine is a ruby port of the java counterpart you can find in Owasp Orizon 1.1x source code.

The idea is still to use the ‘new’ mirage with Orizon. Java and Ruby will talk each other since I’ll implemented an XMLRpc server (but I’ll do a REST version soon) into mirage so Orizon can talk to its newer engine in this way.

Next 8 February, I’ll be at Owasp Summit 2011 in Lisbon and I’ll engaged mainly for Owasp Esapi project but if anyone in that location would like to talk about Owasp Orizon, will be really great to me.


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