Build system up and running again

This evening the main ant build file is back again and now it is possible to build Owasp Orizon 1.30 Jar files back again using ant.

I purged a lot of stuff from build file. It won’t be possible anymore to regenerate language packs straight from the core build file. This is due to reflect the fact that language pack grammars don’t need to be updated so often.
So a developer who wants to hack the code have to launch freecc manually or using a shell script in the future I’m going to write. The trade off between having a lighter build system and having the grammars changed once a year is clearly for having a lighter build system.

So Orizon 1.30 has now a build number starting from 4 with ‘mint’ as codename.


The Jars created by the default ant target are the following


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