It finally happened! We started moving towards 2.0

Here we are. Yesterday, after some nights spent coding, I committed some fresh code into Google SVN repository.

Basically, this code does… mmmh… nothing! It is a draft skeleton for Mirage engine and for Java/Jsp language pack. Remember that as we said in mailing list, the first goal is to support Owasp O2 Platform in modeling J2EE applications.
Mirage’s new look starts also from an identification phase that basically will try to figure it out the application kind and then model the application accordingly.

In the J2EE web app world, in example, Mirage will identify WEB-INF/web.xml file first and Mirage will found it, it will parse to figure it out the application starting page.
Than Mirage will start, parsing the JSPs first and then the business logic mergine together such information. This will give us the chance to better implement a good application model.

The same approach will be done also for .NET, Ruby on Rails, Grails, PHP after March 2010 first deadline (please look at Owasp Orizon mailing list archives for details).

We need a Maven Guru to fix pom.xml buils system…
Link: Owasp Orizon project feeds


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