Crawling is on the way…

Maybe you’ve noticed that two development Orizon releases has been rolled out in the last two weeks.

Version 1.16 is under the hood… I’ve to to fix a minor issue against accessing resource file when orizon is executed outside Eclipse…

In this version crawling is working again and this is great because all the workflow for crawl a source file is realized with the appropriate engines… no hacks… just frills 🙂

In library/CRAWL directory oyu can find new format for recipe… ORL files. ORL stands for Orizon Recipe (or Rule) Language. A language that describe security recipes. Dusk engine, will parse ORL languages and creating Rules.

For the very next feature I want to add parsers for Cobol and C, I have working freecc grammars for that. So grabbing identifiers for crawling is trivial.

Major refactoring for org.owasp.orizon.Library package is needed and it will be finished for release 1.18.

I’m also thinking about version number… in a Web 2.0 era is so “old” having a “stable” and a “development” release. We can deliver a single trunk of releases in a agile way with the simple rule that when the minor number is multiple of 20 it is a “more” stable release than other… or we can drop this rule and we can release as fast as we can so we can rule the world. You tell me!
Drop me a line 🙂


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