Hacking the Owasp Orizon training course press release

Hacking the Owasp Orizon

Owasp Orizon is a software engine built to provide facilities for developers who want to write a static analysis tool.
In the first major release, the APIs will be consolidated and it will be possible to use internal object and methods to write your own code review tool.

In this training course you will learn:
• orizon engine architecture
• the core objects to be used to build a code review workflow
• how to write an orizon plugin
• how to use the engine as standalone tool

To achieve these goals you need:
• your laptop
• the latest Owasp Orizon version (1.0RC1 will be ok) source code
• a J2SE 1.6 working environment
• a working Eclipse IDE

We will start creating the project workspace inside Eclipse IDE and than we will start hacking the code.
Bring some fresh ideas with you.

When: Next 3rd November 2008
Where: The Owasp EU Summit 2008, Algrave, Portugal
If interested in further information drop me a line at: thesp0nge_at_owasp_dot_org

“stay hungry, stay foolish”

OWASP Orizon project, http://orizon.sourceforge.net
“enjoy your code review experience”


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