Between pre1 and pre2

Yesterday I released Orizon v1.0pre1. It was buggy, but it is the state-of-art as far as yesterday afternoon.

Release pre2, that is likely to be released today, has a correct build.xml letting people building Jar file from command line. An issue about library management has been fixed yesterday evening.

The most important feature introduced yesterday night and that I’m working on today (I have some spare time this week…) is a scanner for a fifth XML file concerning source code design.

In this separated fifth XML file, I’ll put all source file related design information such as:

  • how many classes are contained
  • classes modifiers (scope, extend clause, implement clauses)
  • how many methods are contained
  • methods modifiers
  • the same for the fields

I also renewed Orizon site with a status page describing what’s going on in a Web 2.0 fashion.


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