8 moleskine pages of updates

It’s all in my little Moleskine. Indeed I feel myself comfortable in writing on good old fashioned piece of paper sometimes…

One of the biggest changes that will occur in next Orizon releases towards 1.0 is about the library. Source code flaws will be organized using the Top 10/Top 7 page of the Code Review Guide and the library won’t be a Zip archive anymore, in fact it will be released as XML files self contained in the Orizon Jar file.

Security flaws will be described using a new XML schema.

The whole demo package will be marked as “deprecated” and a brand new UI will be included in Orizon to provide Milk functionality.

Also Bastion will be discontinued and new documentation will be provided with remediation tasks and proof reading links.

The last big change will be about the XML schema used in the input file. Orizon will use more than one file and translators must create an adequate number of XML files containing:

  • control flow
  • call graph
  • data flow graph

I’ve got a lot of things to do, all of them stuffed in these cute 8 moleskine pages of updates…


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